RFI (Research Foundation of India) provide a broad platform to bring together researchers, Engineers and industries to exchange and share experience, innovative ideas about the advancement in multidisciplinary platform. The aim of the conference is to bring Scientists, Researchers, Professionals, Teachers and Students to exchange their views and knowledge in the area of women empowerment. It is proposed to have invited talks and contributed papers in oral sessions on these topics.

Theme:- “Sustainable Development And Planning 2022″

Date: 03 March 2022

We welcome students and young scientists to the conference. In order to attract their participation we will be offering short courses targeted specifically at early career researchers as well as prizes for outstanding student presentations.


Pandemic Sustainability: Towards a Green Economic Recovery for Nature, People and Planet

  1. Ecological Realities
  2. Economic, Social and Cultural Context
  3. Education, Assessment and Policy
  4. Post-Pandemic Sustainability: Towards a Green Economic Recovery for Nature, People and Planet
  5. Sustainable Development and Indigenous Peoples
  6. Building Institutions for Sustainable Development in Education
  7. Equality, Equity and Development
  8. Conflict, Security, and Development
  9. Development and Climate Change
  10. Reshaping Economic Geography
  11. Agriculture for Development
  12. Water, Sanitation, and Health
  13. Biodiversity and Ecosystem Conservation
  14. Energy Provision and Access
  15. Infrastructure and Industrialization
  16. Mobilizing the Private Sector
  17. Financing the Sustainable Development Goals
  18. Developing Sustainable Development Goal Indicators
  19. Pandemics, Health, and Sustainability